The Colombia Powerlifting Federation

Welcome to the Colombian Powerlifting Federation website

We are proud to have the strongest lifters in Colombia in our group. We regularly have training sessions at the SaulPower center. The center was founded in 1984 and gradually became one of the top powerlifting gyms in all of Colombia.

We always encourage others to take part in powerlifting and to organize groups and meetings around the country. This not only helps to promote the sport but also makes more people aware of their health and fitness.

Powerlifting, a power sport in which competitors must compete with the squat, bench press and deadlift. But it also massively helps in gaining muscle and burning off fat.

Powerlifting, just like other kinds of significant resistance training, reinforces your bones and reduces your chance of injury in general activities and sports. While the principles for lifting continues to be particular, the overall advantages of both powerlifting go much beyond traditional lifting. The only rules that we have are that lifters use correct footwear. There are many powerlifting shoe benefits, we are sure we don’t need to tell you them.

NOTE: It’s important to consult a healthcare practitioner before starting any strength training plan.

If you are a seasoned powerlifter you may already know the great benefits:

Increased Strength

Powerlifting reinforces the muscles of the thighs back and upper torso. Virtually every muscle is fortified using a powerlifting routine. The squat operates the muscles of the thighs and buttocks better than several other training options, based on a 2001 study published in “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.” The deadlift reinforces your legs and back. This is also enhanced when deadlifting in heeled shoes instead of normal running shoes. The seat press reinforces the majority of the muscles of the upper body. The couple muscles which aren’t worked directly on those 3 exercises are trained with help exercises to enhance the 3 aggressive lifts.

Athletic Performance

A number of the actions in powerlifting enhance different skills, such as rate and vertical leap. At a 2004 study published in the”British Journal of Sports Medicine,” an immediate correlation between squat power and rotational rate was revealed.

There has been also a direct correlation between both squat durability and vertical jump. Therefore, in the event that you would like to run faster and jump higher, then build a larger squat through powerlifting. The potency of your spine contributes to numerous different tasks, such as martial arts, fighting and wrestling. There are only a few actions that being strong doesn’t assist in 1 manner or another.

Fat reduction

Powerlifting is a really intense kind of exercise also burns off a fantastic many calories. Among the advantages of extreme training isn’t merely the calories that you burn while exercising, however the long-term impact that this has on your own metabolism. At a 1994 study published in the”American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” research participants experiencing resistance training improved their caloric requirements over a 24-hour interval by 15 percent. Resistance training like powerlifting has been demonstrated to work for fat reduction.

Skeletal Wellness

Osteoporosis afflicts one out of every five girls in the USA. Fortunately, resistance training may battle the beginning of osteoporosis. Within an 10-year evaluation of literature printed in”Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise” in 1999, it had been demonstrated that resistance training especially raises bone mineral density. It was further revealed that extreme resistance training, like powerlifting, reduces many risk factors for osteoporosis by increasing power and bone mass.